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Differentiating C8–T1 Radiculopathy from Ulnar Neuropathy: A Survey of 24 Spine Surgeons Geoffrey E. Stoker1 HanJoKim1 K. Daniel Riew1 1Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Cervical Spine Service. C8 Spinal Nerve Defined. The C8 level corresponds to the region in which nerve roots exit the spine between the cervical spine's C7 vertebra and the thoracic spine's T1 vertebra. There is not a corresponding vertebra for C8. This nerve root is responsible for controlling muscles in the fingers and hands. Names of C6, C7, and C8 Vertebrae and Nerve. The C8 nerve root is the least commonly encountered of cervical radiculopathies. The purpose of this resident's case problem is to provide an unusual presentation of a C8 radiculopathy, without cervical or proximal upper quarter symptoms, diagnosed by a combination of physical examination, electromyography EMG and nerve conduction studies NCSs, and imaging.

C8 and T1 radiculopathies are uncommon, and this may account for some of the difficulty observed in the diagnosis and management of this pathology. A careful physical examination will often reveal C8 radiculopathy, ulnar compressive neuropathies, and “double crush” syndromes. Surgeons must know the different presentations of these pathologies. There are eight cervical nerves, which are numbered C1 through C8 from the top of the neck to the shoulders. These nerves are vital to numerous functions in the head, shoulders, arms and trunk. Damage to a cervical nerve can manifest in numerous ways depending on whether sensory, motor or organ function is impaired. Table C8.T1. End-Use Monitoring Legal and Policy References; Table C8.T2. DoD End-Use Monitoring Responsibilities; Table C8.T3. SOP Minimum Information Requirements; Table C8.T4. Defense Articles Designated for EEUM for all FMS-eligible Countries; Table C8.T5. EUM Familiarization and Assistance Visit FAV Timeline and Requirements; Table C8.T6. 15/12/29 · This, in light of a disc herniation at the T1–2 intervertebral level, supports the growing body of evidence that the APB is primarily T1 innervated [3–8]. In summary, the traditional nomenclature of myotomal distribution of the upper extremity links C8 and T1 nerve roots when describing the muscular innervations of the forearm and hand.

A herniated disc C7-T1 is a fairly common place to experience a bulging disc and considerable deterioration of the overall intervertebral structure. This area marks the frontier between the cervical spine and the thoracic spine and is actually a strong and resilient intervertebral level. C7 T1 Symptoms & C8 Radiculopathy. As already mentioned, this particular disc is typically very strong and resilient, which is why it rarely herniates due to wear and tear, as it is the case with other cervical or lumbar discs. Thus, the most frequent cause of a herniation at this level is. C8 and T1 Nerve Injury. The C8 with the T1 nerve covers the hand muscles. Loss of grip strength is more noticeable with C8 weakness. T1 innervates more of the intrinsic hand muscles important for fine motor skills but C8 also contributes to those. finger ulnar, C8, proximal medial forearm T1 Light touch: Dab don’t stroke with cotton wool test same dermatomes. Less discriminating than pain or vibration. Vibration & proprioception: • Test vibration sense with 128Hz tuning fork over DIPJ test feeling and also when stopped by examiner.

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